Young Investigator Award


(1) Distingusihed Young Investigator Award (1 person) 3000RMB (400USD)
(2) Young Investigator Award (3 person) 1500RMB (200USD)

Any physician, scientist, graduate, postgraduate or postdoc who is below the age of 36 is eligible to submit an abstract for the Young Investigator Award competition.

A panel will select four best abstracts as oral presentation for competition. All awardees will receive a Certificate of Merit.

Judging Committee

Committee Chairman: Prof. Michael J. Welch
Washington University in St. Louis (USA)
Former President of Society of Nuclear Medicine

Committee Members: Prof. Yasuhisa Fujibayashi, Prof. Carrio Ignasi, Prof. E. Edmund Kim, Prof. Zachary Grossman, Prof. Shigeru Kosuda, Assoc Prof. Mawlawi Osama, Prof. Yaming Li, Prof. Junekey Chung, Prof. Juri G. Gelovani, Assoc. Prof. Keon W. Kang, Prof. David J . Yang, Assis. Prof. Mei Tian, Prof. Jiahe Tian,
Dr. Ananth Srinivasan, Prof. Rui An, Prof. Lie-Hang Shen, Prof. Xiujie Liu,Prof. Xun Hu, Prof. Hong Zhang

Judging Standard

The deadline of submitting abstracts for Young Investigator Award is Sep 30th by Email and titled “ 2009 HIMIC Young Investigator Award”, the abstracts should including following contents:

1、Short biography in English, no more than 1000 words.
2、Abstract in English, including title, name, institute, keywords, abstract text, reference.

A panel will select four best abstracts as oral presentation for competition from Sep 30th. All awardees will receive a Certificate of Merit and 1500RMB grant. The Distingusihed Young Investigator Award winner will be selected in HIMIC Young Investigator Award Section and will receive 3000RMB grant.