HANGZHOU XIANGYUAN HOTEL has a history over 20 years was built in 1986. The location of the hotel is No. 491 of the Moganshan Road. And it is only 4 kilometers far from the West Lake. The transportation of the hotel is very convenient, and you could come to the hotel by bus or taxi.

In order to fit the requirement of Hangzhou tourism market, the hotel has finished the rebuilding project by 2007, and now it become to be a comprehensive high level hotel with integrity of commerce, catering and entertainment. After rebuilding, the hotel has the building area of over 30,000 ㎡. It is constituted with a 21-layer main building and two annexes. It owns 286 of Business Standard Rooms Business Double Rooms, Valentines’rooms, Executive Standard Rooms, Executive Double Rooms, Executive Suites and Luxury Suites.

The hotel is divided into building A and building B. There are the reception desk, the lobby bar, the shopping center and the business center in the 1st floor of building A. The lobby bar serves guests all kinds of teas, drinks and desserts, and it is the best place for business affairs and meetings.

Mike Coffee House is on the 2nd floor of the hotel. The coffee house has over 200 seats, and serves both Chinese and Western food. The business hour is from 6:30am to 00:00mid- night. The Chinese restaurant XIN KAI YUAN is on the 2nd floor of the hotel, which has over 2000 seats. The restaurant is quite famous for its original Hangzhou style food, and it is one of the top ten restaurants in China.

XiangYuan Meeting Center, which is on the 4th floor of the hotel, has many specs of meeting rooms, and could provide you with meeting spaces of 20 to 300 persons anytime. Xiangyuan Hall has an area of 345 ㎡, and can hold meetings with 200 to 300 persons. Hanxiang hall has an area of 100 ㎡, and can hold meetings with 60 to 80 persons. Yinxiang Hall, Yixiang Hall and Moxiang hall all have areas of 50 ㎡, and they are ideal places to have meetings in miniature. The business meeting room and the executive meeting room are separately in the business center on the 1st floor and in the executive floor on the 21st floor. The professional meeting service team, according to your requirements, will provide you with proper banquet and meeting service. The multimedia projection machine, the acoustic facilities, and other advanced meeting facilities are all prepared and from soup to nuts.

On the 1st floor of Building B there are Delicate Goods House, Litang Shengjing Pediluvium Chamber (with professional massagists and Pedicurers), Beauty & Hairdressing, and Medical Treatment Room. The Litang Shengjing Water Cure Chamber on the 2nd floor is a good place for you to relax your feeling. The Xiangyuan Chess & Card Playing Room on the 4th floor serves 24 hours per day. The Huaji Huangchao KTV on the 5th and 6th floors owns 34 of large, middle and mini boxes, and it is an ideal place for you to lay fallow and relax because of its fashion fitment and comfortable service. Besides, there are also bodybuilding rooms, lido, outside court, and so on. Guests can enjoy real comfort and relaxation in the hotel for its consummate facilities.