General Information

 1、Advisory Board

Denian BA
Academician, CAE
Xiaowei TANG
Academician, CAS
Ziyuan CHEN
Academician, CAS
Shumin Duan
Academician, CAS

Honorary President

Prof. Jianping Dai (CHINA)

Prof. Zhifang Chai (CHINA)

Prof. Jianrong Tan (CHINA)

Congress Co-President

Prof. Wolf-Dieter Heiss (GERMANY)

Prof. Heinrich Schelbert (USA)

Prof. Junekey Chung (KOREA)

Prof. Yasuhisa Fujibayashi (JAPAN)


Prof. Jan Grimm (USA)

Prof. Jiahe Tian (CHINA)

Prof. Yaming Li (CHINA) Prof. Gang Huang (CHINA)
Prof. JieTian (CHINA) Prof. Linhua Mu (CHINA) Prof. Mingyuan Gao (CHINA) Prof. Hong Zhang (CHINA)

Executive President 


Prof. Tianran Dai (CHINA)

Prof. Mei Tian (CHINA)

Conference Secretary-General

Prof. Yongping Yuan (CHINA)

Experts, researchers and students in molecular imaging and correlative field from all over the world

Registration Date:  8:30~20:00,  Sept 18th, 2015
Conference Date:   8:30~17: 30,  Sept 19th, 2015

Hosted by: Zhejiang University
                       Imaging Work Committee of Translational Medicine of Chinese Soceity of Nuclear medicine 

Address: Jin Jiang Fu Yuan Hotel
Tel: +86-10-67800888
Address: No. 11 Ronghua Rd, Beijing Economy Techonology Development Area, China

Conference Committee Secretary-General:Mrs Jing WANG        Mrs Mei TIAN
Tel:0571-87767158   0571-87767138

Address:88# Jiefang Road,
Dept. Nuclear Medicine of Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University
Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 310009,