Invited Speakers

Invited speaker`s names listed in accordance with the order of presentation at the meeting

   Prof. Civelek,A. Cahid  
       Director, Division of Nuclear Medicine/PET
       University of Louisville Medical Center (USA)   
    Dr. Hirotaka Onoe
       Team Leader (Professor)
       Functional Probe Research Laboratory
       RIKEN Center for Molecular Imaging Science (Japan)
      Asso. Prof. Jae Sung Lee 
      Dept. of Nuclear Medicine / Biomedical Sciences 
      WCU Dept. of Brain and Cognitive Sciences 
      Seoul National University (Korea)


       Prof. Dr. Wolf-Dieter Heiss 
       Member of the Germany Academy of Sciences 
       Emeritus Director
       Max Planck Institute for Neurological Research
       Emeritus Chairman
       Department of Neurology of the University of Cologne(Germany)
       Prof. Hidehiro Iida 
       Director of Department of Investigative Radiology
       National cerebral and cardiovascular Center Research Institute (Japan)
    Prof. Qiyong Gong 
       Director, Huaxi Magnetic Resonance Research Center
       Vice President, West China Hospital of Sichuan University (China)      


       Prof. Xiaoyuan Chen
       Chief and Senior Investigator
       Laboratory of Molecular Imaging and Nanomedicine
       National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (USA)
    Prof. Fabao Gao
       Department of Radiology
       West China Hospital, Sichuan University (China)        
       Prof. Tetsuya SUHARA
       Director of the Department of Molecular Neuroimaging
       National Institute of Radiological Sciences (Japan) 
       Prof. Hong Zhang
       Chairman, Zhejiang University Medical PET Center
       Chairman, Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging
       Chairman, Department of Nuclear Medicine of Second Affiliated Hospital Zhejiang University (China)
       Chairman, Center of Excellence in Medical MolecularImaging of Zhejiang State(China)
   Prof. Jung-Joon Min  
      Director, Laboratory of In Vivo Molecular Imaging
      Director and Professor, Department of Nuclear Medicine
      Chonnam National University Medical School (Korea) 
     Prof. Guoyuan Yang
     Vice Director, Institute of Med-X
     Shanghai Jiaotong University (China)